Levitt AMP Denison

Denison | Texas

Zane Williams

June 05, 2015 at 7:30pm


Authenticity. Self-reliance. Hard work. Camaraderie. Gratitude.

These are the qualities Zane Williams sings about in his rootsy anthem Texas Like That—the title track of his 5th studio album—and so it comes as no surprise that these are also the qualities on which his rapidly-growing career is built. Respected by his fans (the "Zaniacs") as a down-to-earth family man, Williams is a also a charismatic entertainer on stage and a prolific songwriter who wrote all ten of the new album's tracks. It's a rare combination of abilities that just may make him a superstar, especially among country music fans hungry for an alternative to today's pop and hip-hop influenced "bro country."

Williams is an anomaly in today's country music: a modern-day "throwback" who is equal parts bar room entertainer and introspective poet. If you ask the crowd of Zaniacs at a show just what they love so much about the man and his music, they might tell you it's his genuine smile, or the way his songs seem to come straight from the heart, or how he sings about real life in a way that real people can relate to. For all these reasons and more, they keep coming back time and time again to get lost in the music and experience together just what it means to be "Texas Like That."


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320 W Main, Denison, TX 75020, United States
Heritage Park
320 W Main, Denison, TX 75020, United States


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